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Libbie also writes historical fiction under the pen name Olivia Hawker. Her Olivia novels have hit national bestseller lists and have been finalists for several awards, including the Washington State Book Award and the WILLA Literary Award for Historical Fiction. One for the Blackbird, One or the Crow, a perennial favorite of readers around the world, ranked in the Top 100 Bestselling Books of the Year on Amazon.

October in the Earth, the latest Olivia novel, was praised by Booklist: "Time and place are exceptionally well depicted, and the strong female characters make this a worthy read."

In addition to her work as Olivia Hawker, she has self-published several titles. Her 2019 indie book Calamity, a biographical novel about Calamity Jane, was also a finalist for the WILLA.

Find all of Libbie's work that hasn't been published under her real name at This link will take you to a new website.

Libbie's 2022 novel, The Prophet's Wife, is a literary exploration of the founding of the Mormon faith as seen through the eyes of Emma Hale Smith, the first and only legal wife of the prophet Joseph Smith.

It was featured in the New York Times Review of Books, was a finalist for the Audie Award for outstanding audiobooks, and was praised by the Denver Post as "Outstanding... a first-rate historical novel."

Novelist Kris Waldherr (The Lost History of Dreams) called it "A masterpiece... perfect for fans of Hilary Mantel and Geraldine Brooks," while Allison Epstein (A Tip for the Hangman) said it was "Fascinating … one of the most interesting and nuanced portrayals of a marriage I’ve read in a very long time … Brilliant."

Historical Novel Review said, "The history is astounding and sometimes horrifying, but Grant’s gorgeous writing will keep readers enthralled throughout ... The Prophet’s Wife is a powerful, mesmerizing novel."


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On her podcast, Future Saint of a New Era, Libbie combines memoir, interviews, fiction and nonfiction with vintage found audio and music to present narrative in new, experimental ways. Originally intended to be a podcast about outsider art and the artists who make it (hence the title), the show quickly took on a life of its own, and Libbie no longer tries to confine it to a single subject. Instead, it's "Whatever she feels like talking about right now"... which is still usually art and the impact of technology on art-making. However, there have also been episodes about road trips, ghosts, and Fabio. You never know what you're going to get - or when you're going to get it, as Future Saint of a New Era has no set production schedule. Every episode is a surprise, yet every episode will deliver a mesmerizing journey through memory, sound and emotion.

Find Future Saint of a New Era on your favorite podcast app, or visit the show's site to stream directly. This link will take you to an external site.



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Selfie on the Edge of Forever is not your average blog. Short, punchy memoir pieces combine with longer essays, poetry, and flash fiction, spiced with vintage imagery, the work of contemporary artists, and POV pictures shot by Libbie throughout her routine as a full-time writer. The real highlight is the daily vlog, one-minute memoir pieces narrated over moody video taken during Libbie's daily walks around the city and the small island where she spends her free time. (You can also see her vlog installments by following her on Instagram, Threads, Tik Tok, or YouTube.) Subscribe to Selfie on the Edge of Forever for free to get a weekly digest of the best recent posts. Paid subscribers also gain access to While We Were Still, an ongoing collection of short fiction exclusively available to supporters on Substack or Patreon.

Check out Selfie on the Edge of Forever at its own site (this link will take you to a different website), or on the Substack app.


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Libbie began studying screenwriting during the coronavirus pandemic as a way to broaden her horizons as a writer. She discovered a strong affinity for the medium, and has since adapted several of her most suitable novels for the screen, including The Prophet's Wife as a one-hour TV or streaming dramatic series.

She is currently seeking representation as a screenwriter.


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