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Meet Libbie

Libbie Grant is a storyteller working across a variety of media, adapting traditional narrative forms to the ever-changing landscape of an increasingly technological society.

Best known as a novelist (particularly for her popular fiction written under her pen name, Olivia Hawker), she doesn't restrict herself to books. Rather, she explores the full range of possibility presented by the digital world.

"I consider myself more a narrative artist than a writer," she says. "I'm making art - or I'm trying to, anyway - and narrative is my medium, the same way an artist might choose to work with paint or movement or sound. It doesn't really matter to me whether I'm writing books or an installment in my

online anthologies, or putting together a podcast episode, or making a one-minute film for social media. If it's a vehicle for story, it's fair game."

In a world of rapidly evolving tech, Grant doesn't see much point in clinging too tightly to the old ways of delivering story.

"I love books - I always will - and I'll continue writing them for as long as I still feel inspired to do it. But I'm also very drawn to the new opportunities we have now as storytellers. There are more ways than ever before to reach audiences with a great story, and I don't want to restrict myself to just one medium. Whether it's screenwriting or podcasting or making short content for my socials, I find it all so creatively stimulating and so much fun to explore. A lot of writers are bemoaning the dramatic changes that have come down the pike, but all I see is opportunity. I can't believe I got this lucky - to be a storyteller at a time like this, when everything is changing so fast. What a privilege!"

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Grant was born in the United States and still holds U.S. citizenship, but she lives in British Columbia, a permanent resident of Canada. "I feel so fortunate that Canada let me in. This is my real home. Not only is the culture different here in ways that appeal to me on a deep, intrinsic level, but the art scene all across Canada is off the hook. Some of the greatest contemporary artists in every field are Canadian. Creativity just flourishes here - there's so much invention and experimentation and mold-breaking and trend-setting. It's an incredible place to live and work as an artist."

Libbie Grant is available for guest appearances on podcasts and other collaborative work, including short-fiction contributions to digital and print anthologies. She is a popular presenter at writers' conferences across North America, with her dynamic and engaging three-hour workshops on outlining and business strategy for novelists commanding especially strong attendance. She has led workshops for the Historical Novel Society, the Willamette Writers' Conference, HappyWriter, and the Southwest Washington Writers' Conference, among others. Since 2020, she has also led many presentations for virtual writing conferences, and welcomes inquiries for more such appearances.

To explore her varied creative output, visit the Work page. Business and all other inquiries may be made through the Contact page.

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